dog in bed

The best news has just come up, adding to the greatness of mans best friend; sharing a bed with your dog will increase the quality of your sleep.

At first, researchers made an educated guess that it would be more harder to actually sleep with the lovable pet, since they can be pretty erratic and clingy at times. But it’s seems there are many benefits to having a companion to keep you company and as the saying goes, sharing is caring. Although you should be careful you don’t roll over your friend, they will never know that you did it on accident and won’t understand you when you are trying to apologize.

Here are a myriad of reasons why sharing a bed with your dog(s) is so beneficial to your sleep:


It Helps You And Your Dog Feel Secure

Everyone likes to have that sense of security, and when your mind is at rest knowing that dogs got your back and vice versa. Feeling secure can help your mind unwind and let your brain drop those couple degrees to finally let you get that deep sleep.


It’s The Most Comfortable Thing Ever

People feel peace of mind when there is a warmth, that mild warm feeling is enough to make anyone relax and just take a nap. But let’s say that you’re trying to get in the full 8 hour sleep that you really need because you have that interview where you want to really wow them. Your best friend(s) are there to save the day! Dogs are the absolute best at snuggling or being flat out clingy and desperate for your attention. After a full day of waiting for you to come back home for work, they are just dying to show you some affection. When researchers asked for reports from dog owners that sleep with their pets to give their takes on what its like, they always say that the warmth of the dog is a comforting feeling and its soothing. Your mind will release a lot of feel good hormones for you, allowing for a comforting and deep sleep.


Feeling stressed?

Reports of people giving their experiences with their pets, they usually lean to the idea of how comforting it is to have such a companion, and effectively eliminating loneliness. With that in mind, stress levels drop with your dog sleep next to you; making the sleep even deeper with the lack of stress hormones. Humans reportedly feel less stress with having pets, and sleep could increase in quality and quantity.


You Two Would Have More Shut Eye

For one, dogs want attention, they live off of it basically. There is nothing more they love than your attention and affection. They are aware that if they can sleep with you, that means all of the attention because they are right in front of your face. Of course they might put up a little of a struggle to sleep at first but they will soon realize that its time to go to sleep. When its cozy and warm, you won’t even want to leave the bed.


Affection and Company Increases Levels of Oxytocin

Oxytocin is fueled by affection and being happy. If anything helps most with going to bed, its being happy and at peace of mind. The patterns and timing of a dogs breathing is almost like a lullaby, effectively giving the soothing transition to sleep.


Dogs Can Ease Sleep Disorders

The comfort and security that dogs give is so good that you can rest easy that they got your back. Your brain is releasing good hormones that come with the feeling of companionship, making your mind healthier and allowing for things like insomnia to subside and allow you to get a good nights rest.