sleeping mask

Lack of sleep is a huge issue that has gotten worse globally, and in the U.S. about 1/3rd of people don’t get enough sleep. Long hours at work and late night studying. Sleep deprivation can make us groggy and grumpy sometimes, but prolonged deprivation can cause or make conditions worse, things like depression and heart disease.

Lets start with a simple but very effective way to help maximize your sleep quality; Masks. We have something called a circadian rhythm, and its what tells our body when it is time to fall asleep and when to wake up. It does this by checking how much light is around you, checking for when the sun is up, keeping you up and suppressing chemicals that would make you tired otherwise. Putting on the mask can cover all light, and since you have a mask on you’ll be a little lazy to take the mask off and look at your phone, which is the enemy of sleep because the light will affect your circadian rhythm. Too much light, you stay awake, if its dark, you begin to fall asleep.

Your body makes melatonin, and when the threshold of darkness covers you melatonin increases and it tells your body to fall asleep. Even when you fall asleep you make even more melatonin in order to make your sleep heavier. This is the reason for some people to be such heavy sleepers; because they made so much melatonin it put them into a deep sleep.

Its been proven in studies and tests that people that use eye masks and ear plugs have been able to get a better REM sleep.  To add to that as well, the melatonin levels increased drastically and therefore enforcing a more quality sleep.

When picking an eye mask, make sure they aren’t transparent, meaning that absolutely no light must be able to get through.

Things like leaving the tv on when you go to sleep, or someone watching tv in your room will effectively ruin your entire sleep schedule and is proven to cause sleep disorders. It’s not that the tv itself will give you radiation ruining your health, it’s the light that it gives off along with any other light that’s on. Got a night light or a lava lamp? Turn them off before you go to sleep. Your body clock needs to keep its rhythm going or else your body will be interrupted when it’s doing it healing process in your sleep.

Some people can’t sleep without a light source or without the tv on. Studies show that it may be a subconscious fear of the dark, or a very slight and conscious fear.

Sleeping masks will block lighting that could be out of your control, things like light posts near your window or someone is watching tv etc. Its its so important for your health that the world health organization has urged companies to make lighting that comes from electronics to be made so that the lights does not affect the body. Choose a mask that fits your head comfortably, like masks that fit to the form of your face or a simple one that really keeps the light out.