Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks

With so many snacks on standby, and with nothing, its tempting to grab that bag of chips instead of just going to sleep. We like to get some tasty snacks in before we rest ourselves, but little do we know that its affecting our sleep. Of course, eating healthy, but if your not getting enough good sleep then the healthy foods would be for nothing!

Before you go to bed and you feel like stuffing your face, remember to eat small and healthy.

Here are some miracle snacks that keep you healthy and help you have a nice deep sleep:

Warm Milk

You see it in movies over and over again, when the child can’t go to sleep, he warms up a cup of milk and sometimes makes hot chocolate. Milk has Tryptophan, which is a little friend of serotonin, which then turns itself into melatonin. The more melatonin that you have in you, the sleepier you get. In fact, when it gets darker in a room, melatonin levels increases due the the darkness.



Bananas have basically everything you need to heal, feel good, and in regards to the text, fall asleep nice and sound. Bananas have an incredible amount of magnesium as well as tryptophan. They are both essential to make Melatonin and we need as much of it as we can get in order to fall asleep comfortably. Since bananas consist of so many carbohydrates its actually removes the want for anymore foods, which is what you want so you don’t end up too many cookies!



Almonds increase the production of melatonin and makes the quality of sleep a 100 times better. They are almost the same as bananas, but are not packed with carbohydrates. They counter the levels of the hormone cortisol which make it hard to sleep due to the stress levels it creates.



Get some unsweetened tea and put a table spoon of honey in it. Heat up the tea to get a nice combination of soothing honey and the same effects that come with warm milk. Honey contains tryptophan, which as stated before, goes into serotonin and then melatonin when attempting to sleep. Honey is one of the best things to consume before bed.



Cherries stop you from wanting anything else that may be sweet. So if your not wired on sugar then that means you can rest easy without feeling jumpy.



Calcium resides within yogurt, regardless of the flavor. It reduces stress and manages nerves in the brain, allowing for the sleeping process to go smoothly without trying to force a sleep. To make it much healthier as well, add a little fruit to it, like strawberries or blueberries.