Herbs are super helpful for many occasions, for things like bug repellents, air purification, beauty products, and the list can go on. So why not jump in on the benefits of herbs and enjoy their effects.

We all get stressed out every now and then. But our responsibilities can stretch us so far that we get headaches or horrible migraines that just won’t go away. Try some remedies that are healthy and maybe work better than pills.

Here are some herbs to help with that:



The body has a natural system in effect that allows itself to relieve pain and manage it. Basil has the same effect so whether it be a headache or other injury, basil can help alleviate the pain. Along with some nice smelling breath, you can just chew basil or throw it in some boiling water, and in fact just breathing in the steam can help. After boiling it for a little bit, let it sit there until its temperature is low enough to drink. You got yourself some basil tea!




You can simmer this herb for 5 minutes with two teaspoons. Its not entirely sweet, so if desired, add some honey. Its effects are relaxing and is known to be weak sedative; but the addition of honey can make the effects double for you. Honey is known to also to be a natural pain relief food, which is exactly what we are going for here. You’ll find yourself in for a good nap in a few minutes.



Lavender is said to be relaxing just by getting a whiff of it. It can help relax the muscles near the eyes and your scalp. Its compounds are also used in medical treatments for muscle relaxants and can help blood vessels. Throw at least 30 grams of the flower for every liter of water.




Get hot water, and throw 2 tablespoons of dried catnip into it. The water should not be boiled but it should be hot. After a maximum of 15 minutes you will have some nice catnip tea. Adding lemons or honey to it will make the sedative effects stronger. It is anti-inflammatory which means stress would be downsized making the pain subside a bit.



Filled with antioxidants galore, This plant is above all the most refreshing of the bunch. Not only does it relieve migraines but it also alleviates a cold or flu. Get some near boiling water and put in your leaves, cover it up for up to 10 minutes and you got yourself a min tea. It would be a relaxing and very fresh cup of tea.




Used mostly in oils, its used to rub on your temples to reduce the pains of headaches. They are known for reducing pain in a significant amount. Boil the water, place the rosemary inside and steep it for 15 minutes to make yourself a fine tea.



Fennel comes from a long past of aztec background. This plant has its recognition from many years of use to relieve headaches and also makes digestion easier. Pour boiling water on the leaves to steep for 20 minutes, and after that, take off the leaves and and pour more hot water on to it.