There are days when we will feel and can visibly see that we are bloated. We just ate a bunch of food but your stomach just won’t go down and it’s bugging you. That’s because you have had too much sodium or the foods that you have eaten are known to cause stomach bloating. Here are foods that can make your bloated belly go down.




They are good for your heart! As well as being a good food to have when you are having a lack of potassium and fiber and at the same time having too much sodium. Beans have a lot of potassium inside them helping out with the bloating. Things like lentils will also help, and they are very easy to make so you are not spending an hour cooking an entire meal.


Water and Lemons


A lot of the time we feel like we are nice and hydrated because our bodies are holding water in fear of possible dehydration. But you body isn’t entirely using it, which means that you should keep drinking water throughout the day. The pace it takes you to consistently drink water should be fast since water flushes through you quickly leaving more room to drink water. You technically cant get full on water!. Throwing lemons inside your water helps you with digestion so if you eat a lot of food your stomach can go down once all of it is broken down faster.




Tea is helpful in so many areas of health, it’s no surprise that it’ll help with the bloating either! Tea made with things like ginger peppermint and chamomile are of great help for digestion. Tea is well known in detoxing the body. Using natural herbs like rosemary and chamomile are great for other things like migraines.




Yogurts contain probiotics which helps the gut. Your probiotic game can drastically help out with the bloating since your insides will be helped out with all of the broken down enzymes.




Make sure that when using your seasoning that it has no salt in it. It’ll keep you from bloating and has little sodium inside it. Sodium really isn’t the best of friends for your stomach, but its still important!


Lower Your Carbs

brown rice

Start changing some of your food choices and use substitutions. White rice won’t cut it anymore so eat some brown rice. When your body starts to hold water then you start to have an issue with bloating and that’s definitely not what you want. With too many carbs your muscles will collect glycogen and when that happen your body will gather 3 grams of water per gram of glycogen.