Oil Pulling brings a variety of benefits, and apparently people that oil pull swear that this is a miracle method to fix many things! It might sound like some industrial thing or complex technique but in reality you’re just moving oil in your mouth.

Let’s start off with the how long and how much:


It’s a Long Mouth Wash…

Oil pulling is basically a mouthwash, except its with oil and for a long period of time. Any type of oil is fine, but the oil pulling community suggest that coconut oil works the best. Coconut oil has a bunch of antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties inside it, which help a lot with keeping your teeth and gums nice and healthy. Plop a tablespoon or a little less in your mouth and start swishing it in your mouth for up to 20 minutes.


Alternatives For Coconut Oil?

For some people it’s just not possible to have coconut oil. But that’s ok, you can use other oils of your choice, but it must be an organic oil. As the name suggests, it’s always needs to be oil, otherwise it wouldn’t be called oil pulling.


A Couple of the Benefits

Apparently, there may be too many benefits to list here, but lets list a good amount. It makes things like your teeth and gums much stronger and healthier. It even helps with cavities and makes your teeth white along with better smelling breath. All the bacteria dies out or flushes out, so make sure you don’t swallow any of the oil! And if you have a bad migraine this is said to help because the anti inflammatory properties reduce the swelling of your blood vessels nears your eyes and scalp.



oil pull

Keep a consistent schedule and make sure you can swish for the full 20 minutes. If you cannot handle the full 20 minutes and it feels like forever then break it up into two sets. Do it for 10 minutes the first time and wait a little bit to recover from the nasty taste or any other reason, then do it again for the next 10 minutes. Once a day would be great, but if it is too much then once every two days would be fine as well. If your wondering the time of day that would be best for you to do it, it would be the morning. All the bacteria is at its nastiest at that time


Clean it out

The oil just picked up all the toxins and bacteria that sits in your mouth, so its safe to assume that we need to get rid of the oil. Spit it out but never into your sink, you don’t want the oil to end up clogging your pipes.



Everyone has to get used to a habit, and oil pulling is known to have some side effects. The best way to describe the effects is it is similar to hangovers and a slightly nauseating feeling.

But effects should subside along the process. If you would rather stop if you experience these effects, that would be ok as well. You should be able to resume the method quickly after feeling better.