It’s normal to be restless every now and then. But for it to ruin too many nights in a row may be a problem.

Everyone often comes into an encounter with restless nights because of being nervous or excited or sometimes just can’t seem to fall asleep. Sleep deprivation can and will interfere with what’s going on in your life, whether it be work or social interactions with family and friends. If you are getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night, then you’re being deprived of a good nights rest. There are health issues that are linked to lack of sleep, such as increase of risk of cancer, depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

There are a number of people that also turn to alcohol as a good way to put themselves to sleep, with drinks like wine and certain types of beer. But this actually makes it harder to fall asleep because your body wakes up as quickly as it fell asleep, preventing a good nights rest. People who use this method usually wake up in the middle of the night, and some repeatedly keep waking up until the sun rises.

Control the amount of food you eat before going to bed. If you ate way too much your body may find it hard to put itself to sleep when its trying its best at the same time to digest everything you just ate. Instead it would be better to have a small amount and put at least an hour before sleeping.

There are numerous types of nutrients and compounds that reside within food that help us sleep better, and helps give us a boost of energy waking up in the mornings.

They would be:


Found in dairy products and other green foods, this regulates muscle movements and blood pressure. It also is a deciding factor in how Tryptophan is used within the body.


This is mostly found inside meats, but also found in fruits and plants like bananas and oats. Its an amino acid that helps out serotonin, and if a smoker is trying to quit smoking, this is possibly effective for helping to stop.

Vitamin B6

Found in chicken, potatoes, bananas, and fish, its really good for helping you fall asleep smoothly. It makes an increased production of melatonin and serotonin, in which make you feel nice and sleepy when the time comes to rest.


Just like Calcium, magnesium regulates the muscles and blood pressure, but it also works on nerve function. It fights stress hormones and calms us, making sleep nice and easy. Foods to eat with magnesium are dairy products, bananas, fish and chicken.


Although this is technically your fuel, it can make falling asleep easier by increasing tryptophan levels by creating a boost of insulin. The insulin makes the amino acid absorption activate even stronger and in the way the foods make you feel after a nice meal full of carbs is excellent. Foods with a good amount of carbohydrates are sweat potatoes, any fruit of your choice, beans, and whole grains.


Famously known to be held in bananas, this mineral helps strengthen nerve functions and soothes muscles and any bad twitches that occur when trying to get a good nights rest. Foods that contain this muscle reliever are oranges, potatoes, greens, and dairy products.