Its nice to be able to get home after a day of work and just sit on your phone. Grab a bag of chips or a sweet and munch to your hearts, and not giving a care in the world. But you are probably noticing some physical changes to your body just staying put every day. It certainly isn’t comfortable either when you are trying to eat healthier, but thats why its important to make your weight loss process more bearable and maybe even fun.


Eat the Foods That are in Season

Nature works in harmony, it grows its fruits in their proper seasons and the organisms that inhabit the area feed off of the plants or fruits. So why not take what is being offered? If its in season, it means that it is more fresh and was recently harvested, which will make it more tasty to get the food in its prime. Off season fruits and veggies are imported and are already soon going to go bad, so get what would last longer so you can get the freshest foods. If its in your control, get your fruits and veggies organic.


Get up and Moving

Physical activity is a must. You do not have to sprint a mile or do 100 pushups, but a nice light stroll down the street daily would be enough. Health is surrounded by consistency, meaning that just one 30 minute walk on monday and not doing it the rest of the week will not help at all. If work gets in the way, take a break every now and then, but of course don’t do it every 10 min and let it get in the way of work. The breaks could 10-15 minutes each, try your best to get enough physical activity in.


Get some Help From Probiotics

Probiotics helps calm inflammation and helps your digestive system. Your foods would break down faster and your stomach would go down faster. A combination of probiotics and eating the seasonal foods would be perfect, effectively helping you supply your body with the necessary nutrients and at the same time your body is processing the food easier.


Eat Your Greens!

Yes brussel sprouts may be nasty, but it doesn’t mean that you can leave out the rest of the veggies. Every time you order or make yourself food (making your own is way healthier and cheaper) add some green to it. Veggies don’t have as many calories than other foods, yet fills you faster and keeps you from putting weight on weight with foods that have way more calories.


Make Some Shakes

If you can’t bring yourself to chew and swallow your greens, then you should try turning it into a blend! You would be eliminating the struggle to even chew it and just have to gulp it down. If you can make it taste good with healthy additives that’s even better, it’ll make being healthy fun and tasty.


Drink Drink Drink!

Drink as much water as you can each day! This is fairly easy today and if you want clearer skin in a short amount of time, this is it. Your metabolism works way faster when you drink water, causing weight loss in the process. Try to finish a gallon of water throughout your day to get started.