brain stimulation

The brain loves to feel good, and it rewards itself with dopamine. Our brain recognizes something that we did or took was good; it wants us to do it again. Feeling happy is healthy and laughing is the best medicine is it not? So if that’s the case then there must be a way for stimulation to increase effectiveness in our immune system. Lets look at effects that your body can benefit from within stimulation.

It is well know that we trick our bodies into healing themselves faster because of the placebo effect, so it would only be safe to guess that stimulating your brain would possibly make your immune system stronger. Medicine that is given to a patient that has no idea that the medicine is not a real medicine can work just as perfectly if not better than any actual prescription.

The idea of stimulation of the brain was tested on mice, by a team from Technion Israel Institute of technology. The findings showed that when they activated the invigoration of the brain in the mice the monocytes (white blood cells) were able to eat away bacteria more effectively than the monocytes in other non-treated mice.

Now within another study to actually see what the effect of such activations in the mind would do against cancer, it was tested among mice that had tumors. Astonishingly the mice with the treatment of brain stimulation had a 40 – 50% decrease in size in the tumor than the other mice. Psychiatrist David Spiegel from Stanford University commented about the amazing results by saying it was “an important and well-conducted study.”

This also shows as stated in many advice articles about staying healthy that social interaction (positive interactions) and support from anybody helps stimulate the brain to help boost the immune system. There is speculation that being happy can change the outcome of cancer battles, but doctors say that other medical treatments should still be used along with the happy thoughts to maximize effectiveness.

Unfortunately the finding only suggests slowing down the cancer. More tests are being performed to see if there are ways to boost the effects of positive thinking with medicines and treatments that will work together with the stimulation.