stomach ulcer

The following remedies are to help ease the pain and treat inflammation. If you have an ulcer check with your doctor as soon as you can.

Ulcers can be caused by a number of things, and it happens when the tissue lining of the stomach breaks. Bacteria infections are usually the cause but can be affected by bad eating habits as well. The help of drugs to aid in the healing process are required to alleviate the pain and help get rid of the ulcer.

These natural remedies are well known, and have been compacted to provide the help you need to make your life easier.



Sometimes the pain ulcer gives is enough to keep you up at night. So along with anti-ulcer components chamomile is also able to put you to sleep faster with the reduction of pain. Stomach acid secretion become reduced and that ends up helping the ulcer heal to a point because the acid aids the damage to the tissue. Drinking for up to 3 times a day would for sure put your mind at rest, literally, since chamomile tea is known for helping give people good quality sleep.



Honey is basically a miracle food, having so many benefits and it can be also thrown in with your teas. It is proven to be able to reduce the risk cancers and also heart disease. Honey kills bacteria in the body and H. pylori is a bacteria that most of the times causes a stomach ulcer. The process of recovery also speeds up gladly, so its almost great all around.



Eat about 2 cloves a day to keep the doctor away. Having 2 per day is proven to reduce activity of bacteria within the stomach that would otherwise harm your stomach lining. Getting garlic extracts also helps stunt or altogether prevent the growth of H. pylori.



Turmeric is very well known for medicinal uses. Its great for relieving pain with migraines and or is used to help you go to sleep. It contains curcumin which has been found to combat stomach ulcers and even diseases. A study was performed on 25 people, and half of their ulcers healed within 4 weeks; the rest healed within 12 weeks. Healing time could probably be even faster if conventional treatments were included.


Chili Peppers

Anything “chili” is basically ill advised to even consume at all when you have an ulcer. Its believed to be the cause of an ulcer, which is sometimes the case. But in almost everything, moderation is key. Chili peppers possess capsaicin; the stuff that reduces stomach acids production.

Chili peppers are best taken as is instead of taking supplements of them. It was found to make the ulcer worse when taken in supplement form, and its best to consume a moderate amount of chili peppers.


Besides chili peppers, avoiding spicy foods would be best to prevent making the ulcer worse. Although the remedies may help alleviate the pain and make the healing process quicker, its still crucial to consult a doctor if you develop an ulcer, it could turn into something worse if not checked up on.