For starters, it’s important to know that the most crucial part about sleep is its consistency. Too many adults are not getting enough sleep, as much as 80 million in the US alone are deprived of sleep, and its increasing heart disease and cancer diagnoses rates.

The quality of your sleep can influence the amount of time that you would even need to sleep, in fact allowing you to sleep less than the recommended amount. But thats just one small factor to help you get well rested, have you looked at what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner? How about amount of time you waited to sleep after eating dinner? Did you know what was in your food could possibly make your night restless? We’ll look at the really important stuff to help gear you up for the best sleep.

Get your bodies natural clock that lets you sleep and wake up at the same time in check. If you can get a consistent and strict schedule for your bedtime, it will make you feel much more productive and energized.


  • Spend less time on the screen! Light is known to affect your melatonin levels, which prepares your body to sleep. So if possible shut out any light sources that are within your sleeping space.


  • Watch your caffeine intake. This is important because caffeine can affect you for a time span of up to 12 hours, although its effect is only good for 3 hours. Limit yourself up to 3 cups of coffee a day and make sure its 12 hours away from your bedtime. It might not keep you up, but it will make the quality of your sleep worse.


  • Start exercising early in the morning or in the evening, keep at least a distance of 3 hours before your bedtime so that your exercise doesn’t keep you up.


  • Your brain must cool down at least 3 degrees in order for it to fall asleep, so crank up that A/C and relax, in fact, wear some socks and thin clothing so that the combination of a cool body and warm extremities put you at ease to rest. And if not just take a nice cool shower and relax, you’ll fall asleep quick.


  • Sometimes, the quality of your sheets and you mattress will keep you from having a good night’s sleep. If your mattress is too hard, you’ll be uncomfortable and become restless. If its too soft, you’ll start to hurt because you’re sinking into the mattress and you won’t get any support. Blankets that are too dense will become too hot for you to sleep, and sleeping without a blanket can sometimes be uncomfortable. Blankets vary for everyone so just search for one thats not too thick and not to thin. 
  • Control yourself. Its important that you stay off of anything that could keep you up, like looking at a screen. Try and do something that wont stimulate you too much but keep you calm at the same time as enjoying it. Things like doing puzzles, reading a book, or use a coloring book. Put your mind at ease doing something soothing.