It sucks when you come home from work or school and you start to sneeze, your body starts to ache, and your temperature starts to rise. Your runny nose will start to thicken and your stuck wiping your nose every second or even worse your nose is stuffed.

Finding a way to make the symptoms subside or easen up would be bliss, but making the duration of the flu or cold would be even better. Why not do both?

Here are some foods to help relieve you of your sickness:


Chicken soup

Let’s be honest, unless you don’t eat meat, chicken soup is the best with or without a cold. The benefits that come with eating such a meal is that the white blood cells are given a quick boost to help your immune system get upper hand on your sickness, all within a delicious remedy.



We shouldn’t have to tell you to drink water when your sick, or in any other circumstance. But if you don’t know already, it’s important to know that you need to drink water in order to operate. It your life source basically, and if your body isn’t supplied with it how else is your immune system, which is part of your body, supposed to do its job? Your less susceptible to any sicknesses when you are efficiently hydrated, and that means more than 2 bottles of water a day.



Garlic is kind of the face of home remedies for colds or the flu. Its proponents and antibacterial properties are the best to help fight infections and colds. Try to include it with your meals throughout the day, it doesn’t have to be a lot but eating as much as you can. If you’re feeling a little brave and just trying to get it over with, boil garlic and eat it like that.



The best type of honey is Manuka honey. It’s one of the best types of foods to have when sick, since its healing properties are so helpful. It’s makes the rough throat feel relieved and kills the bacteria that is causing or just in general causes sickness. Raw honey is normally the way to go, and if you like to chew gum, get some honey combs that come with the jar of honey. The combs become chewy and you can squeeze out all the honey.


Black Pepper

Black peppers are rich in antioxidants and are used for medical purposes. Throw some black pepper on chicken breasts or on salmon with some salt to help ease the colds symptoms.


Vitamin C

Mainly found in fruits and vegetables, the mixture of this vitamin and the citric fruits it resides in is a huge recipe for a healthy body. Add some greens to every meal to increase your immune systems strength.

vitamin c